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1.Basic concept and classification of precipitated silica

Precipitated silica, also known as hydrated silica, activated silica, precipitated silica and precipitated hydrated silica, its English name is Silica, CAS registry number is 14464-46-1, the chemical molecular formula is SiO2 * nH2O. silica is a white powdered amorphous silicate and silicate products in general, mainly including precipitated silica, fumed silica, ultrafine silica gel and aerogel, also includes powdered synthetic aluminium silicate and calcium silicate, etc.. , ultrafine silica gel and aerogel, and also includes powdered synthetic aluminium silicate and calcium silicate, etc.. Silica is porous and its composition is expressed as SiO2 * nH2O, where nH2O exists in the form of surface hydroxyl groups. Silica has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, non-flammable, tasteless, odourless and good electrical insulation.
According to the production method, silica can be roughly divided into two categories: precipitation method silica and gas phase method silica. Fumed silica is usually white amorphous flocculent semi-transparent solid colloidal nanoparticles with huge specific surface area, all of which are nano-silicon dioxide, complicated preparation process and expensive. Precipitation method silica, on the other hand, is divided into traditional precipitation method and special precipitation method, the latter using special methods of production, such as supergravity technology, sol-gel method.
The main applications include reinforcing agent for natural rubber and synthetic rubber, toothpaste rubbing agent, etc.

2.The main physical and chemical properties of precipitated silica.

Precipitated silica, also known as light silica or precipitated hydrated silica, the main component is SiO2, the appearance of white amorphous powder or flocculent powder, lightweight, the original particle size of less than 0.3μm, the relative density of 2.319 ~ 2.653, melting point 1750 ℃. Silica is insoluble in water and most acids, but soluble in caustic soda and hydrofluoric acid. It has water absorption, and will become aggregated fine particles after absorbing water in the air. It is stable to chemicals, resistant to high temperature without decomposition, has good compatibility with many active ingredients, and has high electric insulation.

3.Main application fields of precipitated silica.

Precipitated silica is widely used in many fields such as plastics, rubber, papermaking, paint, dyestuff, ink and so on. In the rubber industry, it is used as a filler and reinforcing agent, which can improve the strength, abrasion resistance and anti-aging properties of the product; in the plastics industry, it can increase the denseness, transparency and hardness of the plastic; in the coatings industry, the modified coatings improve the suspension stability and weathering resistance, etc.; in the dyestuffs industry, it improves the performance of the organic pigment through the surface modification treatment. In addition, it is also used in electrical and electronic industry, pesticide, medicine and other fields.

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