Product Name

Trimethyl citrate CAS 1587-20-8

Basic Information

Cas No:1587-20-8
Molecular Fomula: C9H14O7
Content : 99%
Appearance: white crystals

Trimethyl citrate Chemical Properties



White crystalline solid

Content(GC) %99.0%Min
Ignition residue%0.5%Max

Trimethyl citrate Product Features

1. Temperature range: The effective temperature range is 30-65℃, and the most suitable temperature range is 45-60℃.
2. pH range: the effective pH range is 3.0-7.0, and the optimum pH range is 4.8-5.5.
3. The effect of metal ions on enzyme activity: K+, Na+, Ca”Mg have no special effect on xylanase activity, Zn² has an activation effect, M²Fe has an inhibitory effect, and Cd” has an effect of first activation and then inhibition as the concentration increases .

Trimethyl citrate USE

1. The flame color, melting point and flammability of the main flame retardant used in candles can fully meet the requirements of candle products.

2. Used in the synthesis of medicines and pesticides as a stable intermediate.

3. It is the main raw material for the production of citrate hydrochloride. Citrate hydrochloride is reacted with trimethyl citrate and ammonia, and then treated with sulfuric acid to obtain citric acid.

4. It is the main raw material for synthesizing hot melt adhesive.

Trimethyl citrate Packaing

25KG 40KG bags or cardboard.

Trimethyl citrate Storage

Sealed cool and dry dark protected. Dress with brown glass bottle. Store at a temperature of 2-8 ° C best.

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