Product Name

Terlipressin acetate salt cas 14636-12-5

Basic Information

CAS No:14636-12-5
Molecular Formula:C52H74N16O15S2
Molecular Weight:1227.372
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Terlipressin acetate salt Properties




White Powder



Melting point/℃N/A
density(Kg/m³)1500(rough estimate)
refractive index1.664
Flash point/℃1065.9
storage temproom temperature

Terlipressin acetate salt USES

Terivasopressin is a vasopressin analogue, a synthetic vasopressin, which has the effect of constricting blood vessels and raising blood pressure. Terlipressin is mainly used in the treatment of esophageal and gastric varices rupture bleeding, acute gastric mucosal lesions, and surgically controlled hypotension.

1. Esophageal and gastric varices rupture and bleeding

Teripressin constricts blood vessels and reduces portal vein pressure, thus achieving the purpose of hemostasis. Esophageal and gastric varices rupture bleeding is mainly caused by cirrhosis, portal hypertension and other reasons, patients will have hematemesis, black stool, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Patients can be treated with teripressin under the guidance of a doctor to achieve the purpose of hemostasis.

2. Acute gastric mucosal lesions

If the patient has acute gastric mucosal lesions, there may be stomach pain, acid reflux, hematemesis and other symptoms. At this time, teripressin can be used under the guidance of a doctor for treatment, so as to achieve the purpose of hemostasis.

3. Surgically controlled hypotension

If a patient has surgery and has low blood pressure, teripressin can be used under the guidance of a doctor to treat it, which can constrict blood vessels and raise blood pressure, thereby improving discomfort symptoms.

4. Other functions

Teripressin also has the effect of maintaining blood sugar levels, if the patient has diabetes, you can follow the doctor’s advice to use teripressin treatment, so as to achieve the effect of lowering blood sugar.

Terlipressin acetate salt Packaging

Packing: 25Kg,100Kg,200Kg,1000Kg/Drum

Terlipressin acetate salt storage

  1. Store barreled products in a cool, ventilated warehouse; keep away from

fire and heat sources. The warehousing temperature does not exceed 30 ℃, and the relative

humidity does not exceed 80%. Keep the container sealed; products should be stored separately

from oxidants, reducing agents, etc., and should not be mixed; be equipped with fire-fighting

equipment of appropriate variety and quantity; the storage area should be equipped with

equipment for emergency treatment of leakage and suitable containment materials;

  1. Store in a special storage tank; keep away from fire and heat sources; there is fire-fighting foam

for a fire emergency, and the tank area is equipped with equipment for the emergency treatment of


  1. Shelf life: The shelf life of this product is 6 months.

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