Product Name

Optical brightener Ob-1 cas 1533-45-5

Basic Information

Cas No:1533-45-5
Molecular Weight:414.45
Molecular Formula:C28H18N2O2
Appearance:Yellow greenish powder

Optical brightener Ob-1 Chemical Properties

Test itemStandard
AppearanceSlight greenish yellow powder
Content (HPLC)98~98.5%
Melting point352~358℃
Ash content≦0.5%
Volatile matter≦0.5%

Optical brightener Ob-1 USE

1. for the whitening of polyester fiber, nylon fiber and polypropylene fiber
2. for the whitening of polypropylene plastics, hard PVC, ABS, EVA, polystyrene and Makrolon
3. to be used in polyester and nylon

Optical brightener Ob-1 Packaging

Packaging according to customer requirements (25 kg) cartons, paper bucket, paper bags. Packaging according to customer requirements. Dry, dark save.

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