Product Name

Oleic Acid Cas 112-80-1

Basic Information

Cas No:112-80-1
Molecular Weight:282.46
Molecular Formula: C18H34O2
Appearance:Colorless to theyellowish oily liquid

Oleic Acid Chemical Properties

Test itemAnimal oleic acidVegetable oleic acid
Titer ℃10-128-10
IodineValue g/100g13580-100
AcidValue mgKOH/g190-203190-203
Hazen ≤300300
Saponification Value mgKOH/g190-205190-205
Water ≤0.50.5

Oleic Acid USE

1. GB 2760-96 is a processing aid. Defoamer; Perfume; Binder; Lubricant.

2. Used in soap, lubricant, flotation agent, ointment and oleate etc. It is also a good solvent for fatty acids and oil-soluble substances.

3. For precise polishing of gold, silver and other precious metals and non-metals and polishing of electroplating industry

4. Oleic acid is an organic chemical raw material. Epoxy oleate can be produced by epoxidation, used as plasticizer for plastics, and azelaic acid can be produced by oxidation. It is the raw material of polyamide resin. In addition, oleic acid can also be used as pesticide emulsifier, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, industrial solvents, metal mineral flotation agents, demoulding agents, etc. It can also be used as raw materials for the production of duplicate paper, ball naphtha and typesetting wax paper. Various oleate products are also important derivatives of oleic acid. As a chemical reagent, it can be used as a chromatographic contrast sample and for biochemical research to detect calcium, copper, magnesium, sulfur and other elements.

Oleic Acid Packaging

Packing:200 L drum

Delivery: by air, by sea

Oleic Acid Storage

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

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