Product Name

Octanoyl-glycerides cas 65381-09-1

Basic Information

Cas No:65381-09-1
Molecular Weight:464.635
Molecular Formula: C13H26O4.C11H22O4
Appearance:A colorless or slightly yellow oily liquid


Octanoyl-glycerides Chemical Properties

Test itemStandard
AppearanceA colorless or slightly yellow oily liquid
Lodine value (mgl2/100g)≤1.0
Acid value (mg KOH/g)≤0.5
Saponification value (mg KOH/g)325~360
Specific gravity (20℃)0.940~0.955
Heavy metal (mg/kg)≤10
Arsenic (mg/kg)2
Peroxide value≤1

Octanoyl-glycerides USE

It is a widely used emulsifying stabilizer with special nutrition in food, flavor, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Octanoyl-glycerides Storage

keep low-temperature and keep drying

Octanoyl-glycerides Packaging


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