Product Name

Montmorillonite K10 cas 70131-50-9

Basic Information

Cas No: 70131-50-9
Molecular Weight:0
Molecular Formula:H2Al2(SiO3)4-nH2O
Appearance:White or gray or light pink powder

Montmorillonite K10 Typical Properties

Stacking densityg/ml0.55±0.10
Specific surface area≧130

Montmorillonite K10 Use

1. Suitable for refining and decolorizing animal oil, vegetable oil, mineral oil and petroleum products. Also used as catalyst for organic synthesis.

2. Suitable for decolorization, filtration and adsorbent of animal and vegetable oils, catalysts and catalyst carriers

Montmorillonite K10 Packaging

25kg/ Carton

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