Product Name

Metaraminol bitartrate cas 33402-03-8

Basic Information

CAS No:33402-03-8
Molecular Formula:C13H19NO8
Molecular Weight: 317.29
Appearance:  white powder

Metaraminol bitartrate Properties




 white powder



Density b(20℃)(kg/m3)1300
Melting Point/℃134
Refractive indexN/A
solubilitySoluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in chloroform or ether
Copper corrosion(50℃,3h)/Grade≤1
Mechanical impuritiesNO

Metaraminol bitartrate USES

1. This product is suitable for the prevention and treatment of acute hypotension during intraspinal block anesthesia.

2, bleeding, drug allergy, surgical complications and brain trauma or brain tumor combined with shock caused by hypotension, this product can be used for auxiliary symptomatic treatment.

3. Hypotension due to cardiogenic shock or sepsis.

Metaraminol bitartrate Packaging

Packing: 1g,5g,25g/Drum

Belonging to common goods

Metaraminol bitartrate Storage

1. Stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and water

2. Separated from oxidants and foodstuffs

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