Product Name

Levulinic Acid Cas 123-76-2

Basic Information

CAS No:123-76-2
Molecular Formula:C5H8O3
Molecular Weight:116.115
Remarks:Factory direct sales

Levulinic Acid Properties




 Yellow liquid



Melting point/℃30
density(Kg/m³)1100(rough estimate)
refractive index1.435
Flash point/℃137.8
storage temproom temperature

Levulinic Acid USES

Levulinic acid can react as either a carboxylic acid or a ketone. Through esterification, halogenation, hydrogenation, oxidative dehydrogenation, condensation, etc., it can produce various products, including resins, medicines, fragrances, solvents, coatings and inks, Rubber and plastic additives, lubricant additives, surfactants, etc.
Bisphenolic acid produced from levulinic acid can be used to produce water-soluble resin, which is used in the paper industry to produce filter paper. Levulinic acid is also an intermediate for pesticides and dyes.

Levulinic Acid Packaging

Packing: 25Kg,100Kg,200Kg,1000Kg/Drum

Levulinic Acid Storage

Store at room temperature

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