Product Name

L-carnitrile cas 2788-28-5

Basic Information

CAS No:2788-28-5
Molecular Formula:C7H11ClN2O2
Molecular Weight: 190.627
Appearance:fine white powder

L-carnitrile Properties




white powder



Density b(20℃)(kg/m3)1200
Melting Point/℃249
Refractive index1.464
solubilityHighly soluble in water
Mechanical impuritiesNO

L-carnitrile USES

L-carnitine is a compound synthesized from the amino acid lysine with the formula C7H15NO3. It is an inorganic salt with high water solubility and can be easily ionized in vivo and in vitro environments.

L-carnitrile plays a key role in transporting fatty acids into mitochondria for energy metabolism in the human body. It is involved in the transport and regulation of fatty acid oxidation metabolism, thus helping to maintain the balance of energy metabolism in the body. In addition, L-carnitrile also has antioxidant effects that can help defend against free radical damage to cells.

L-carnitrile is widely used in medicine to treat a variety of conditions, including cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, anti-aging and exercise strengthening. It is also used as a nutritional supplement to improve muscle fatigue recovery, increase endurance and improve fat oxidation.

L-carnitrile is usually prepared by chemical synthesis or fermentation. Chemical synthesis methods include the synthesis of the amino acid lysine or alanine, followed by the synthesis of L-carnitrile through a two-step reaction. Fermentation is the production of L-carnitrile by microbial fermentation.

L-carnitrile Packaging

Packing: 1g,5g,25g/Drum

Belonging to common goods

L-carnitrile Storage

1. Stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and water

2. Separated from oxidants and foodstuffs

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