Product Name

Doxofylline cas 69975-86-6

Basic Information

CAS No:69975-86-6
Molecular Formula:C11H14N4O4
Molecular Weight: 266.25
Appearance: Fine white Crystal

Doxofylline Properties




Fine white Crystal



Density b(20℃)(kg/m3)1600
Melting Point/℃144
Refractive index1.7
solubilityDissolve in water
Mechanical impuritiesNO

Doxofylline USES

1. Anti-asthma effect: Doxofylline can dilate bronchus, improve respiratory spasm, and relieve asthma symptoms.

2. Diuretic effect: Doxofylline can promote the blood circulation of the kidney, increase urine volume, and play a diuretic role.

3. Cardiovascular effects: Doxofylline can dilate coronary arteries, increase myocardial blood flow, reduce cardiac load, and have a certain cardiovascular protective effect.

4. Central nervous effect: Doxofylline can stimulate the central nervous system, increase alertness and attention, and improve cognitive ability.

Doxofylline Packaging

Packing: 1g,5g,25g/Drum

Belonging to common goods

Doxofylline Storage

1. Stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and water

2. Separated from oxidants and foodstuffs

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