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Dichloromethane cas 75-09-2

Basic Information

Cas No:75-09-2
Molecular Weight:84.93
Molecular Formula:CH2Cl2
Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid

Dichloromethane Properties

Melting point-97 °C
Boiling point39.8-40 °C mm Hg(lit.)
Density1.325 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Vapor density2.9 (vs air)
Vapor pressure24.45 psi ( 55 °C)
Refractive indexn20/D 1.424(lit.)
Storage temproom temp
ColorAPHA: ≤10

Dichloromethane USE

Household use
The compound is used for bathtub refinishing. Dichloromethane is widely used industrially in the production of pharmaceuticals, vaporizers and process solvents.

Industrial and Manufacturing Uses
DCM is a solvent found in varnish and paint strippers and is commonly used to remove varnish or paint coatings from a variety of surfaces.DCM is used as a solvent in the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of cephalosporins and ampicillin.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing
It is also used in the manufacture of beverages and food manufacturing as an extraction solvent. For example, DCM is used to decaffeinate unroasted coffee beans and tea leaves. The compound is also used in the production of hops extracts, beverages and other food flavorings, and in processing spices.

Transportation Industry
DCM is commonly used for degreasing metal parts and surfaces, such as railroad equipment and tracks and aircraft parts. It is also used in degreasing and lubrication products used in automotive products, such as removing gaskets and preparing metal parts for new gaskets.
Automotive specialists typically use vapor methylene chloride degreasing processes to remove grease and oil from automotive parts such as automotive transistors, spacecraft components, aircraft parts and diesel engines. Today, specialists are able to safely and quickly clean transportation systems using degreasing technology that relies on methylene chloride.
Medical Industry

Methylene chloride is used in laboratories to extract chemicals from food or plants for drugs such as antibiotics, steroids and vitamins. In addition, medical equipment can be cleaned efficiently and quickly with methylene chloride cleaners, while avoiding damage to heat-sensitive parts and corrosion problems.
Photographic film

Dichloromethane is used as a solvent in the production of cellulose triacetate (CTA), which is used to make safety film for photography. When dissolved in DCM, CTA begins to evaporate, leaving the acetate behind.
Electronics Industry

Dichloromethane is used in the production of printed circuit boards for the electronics industry. DCM is used to degrease the foil surface of the substrate before the photoresist layer is added to the board.

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