Product Name

Dexrazoxane cas 24584-09-6

Basic Information

CAS No:24584-09-6
Molecular Formula:C11H16N4O4
Molecular Weight: 268.269
Appearance: White powder

Dexrazoxane Properties




White powder



Density b(20℃)(kg/m3)1300
Melting Point/℃194
Refractive index1.54
Copper corrosion(50℃,3h)/Grade≤1
Mechanical impuritiesNO

Dexrazoxane USES

Dexrazoxane, an anthracycline cancer drug, is used to treat malignant tumors.

Dexrazosine is an organic compound, semi-synthetic dexrazosine, which is converted into Lazosine in the body and, by binding to cytochrome P-450, inhibits TopoII and thus plays an anticancer role. Dexrazoxane can be applied to the treatment of inoperable malignant tumors, such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, etc., can also be used to treat acute leukemia, chronic leukemia, malignant lymphoma and other diseases.

Dexrazoxane Packaging

Packing: 1g,5g,25g/Drum

Belonging to common goods

Dexrazoxane Storage

1. Stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and water

2. Separated from oxidants and foodstuffs

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