Product Name

Coconut oil cas 8001-31-8

Basic Information

Cas No:8001-31-8
Appearance:white powder

Coconut oil Chemical Properties

Test itemStandard
Character appearanceColorless to pale yellow or white semisolid fat, sweet, nutty, aromatic, with a mutation in the melting process, from 21 DEG C or below of a sheet of plastic solids to 27 degrees C, become liquid.
SolubilityDissolved in 90% ethanol
Relative density0.914~0.938
Melting range23.5℃~27℃
ContentTwelve alkyl esters 44%~52%
Heavy metals (as measured by Pb)≤0.001%

Coconut oil USE

Used in detergents, resins, paints, textile oils, soaps, foods, etc.

Coconut oil Packaging


Coconut oil Storage

Stored in a cool dry ventilated warehouse away from fire, heat, and direct sunlight

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