Product Name

Broflanilide CAS 1207727-04-5

Basic Information

CAS No:1207727-04-5
Molecular Formula:C25H14BrF11N2O2
Molecular Weight:663.277
Remarks:Factory direct sales

Broflanilide Properties




White Powder



Melting point/℃139.1
density(Kg/m³)1600 (rough estimate)
refractive index1.538
Flash point/℃236.8
storage temproom temperature

Broflanilide USES

Broflanilide is a broad-spectrum insecticide that can effectively control a variety of pests. The main insecticidal objects include but are not limited to the following:
1. Aphids: Broflanilide can kill succulent insects such as tobacco aphids, peach aphids, and bean aphids.
2. Leaf rolling moth: Broflanilide can control leaf rolling pests such as diamondback moth, cotton bollworm and armyworm.
3. Planthopper: Broflanilide can effectively control flying pests such as rice planthopper, peach aphid, and citrus scarab.
4. Litteroptera: Broflanilide can control corn bores, cotton bollworm, vegetable moth and other litteroptera pests.
5. Bugs: Broflanilide kills bugs inside tree trunks, preventing whiteflies and other aphids on fruit trees.
In summary, Broflanilide is a versatile insecticide that can control a wide range of pests.

Broflanilide Packaging

Packing: 25Kg,100Kg,200Kg,1000Kg/Drum

Broflanilide Storage

Store at room temperature

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