Product Name

Bisphenol-A bis cas 5945-33-5

Basic Information

Cas No:5945-33-5
Molecular Weight:692.63
Molecular Formula:C39H34O8P2
Appearance:Colorless or light yellow transparent thick liquid

Bisphenol-A bis Chemical Properties

AppearanceColorless or light yellow transparent thick liquid
N=1 content (wt %)80-89
Water content≤0.1%
Color (Hazen)≤ 50
Half Ester(%)≤ 0.2
Phenol content(ppm)≤500
Viscosity (mPa. at 70 ℃)120-220

Bisphenol-A bis USE

BDP, an oligomeric phosphate ester flame retardant, is designed for use in engineering resin application such as polyphenylene oxide alloys and PC/ABS. Because of its low volatility and high heat stability, this phosphorus flame retardant can tolerate high processing temperature required for many engineering resins.

Processing characteristics in a number of thermoplastics including ABS and HIPS that benefit high flow in thin wall moldings and other high-performance applications.

BDP is used at 8 to 15 phr to provide flame retardancy to a variety of resins .when used as a processing aid, 1 to 3 phr of BDP is added to thermoplastics for improving melt flow.

Bisphenol-A bis Packaging


Bisphenol-A bis Storage

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

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