Product Name

Ammonium polyphosphate cas 68333-79-9

Basic Information

Cas No:68333-79-9
Molecular Weight:149.086741
Molecular Formula:H12N3O4P
Appearance:White Powder

Ammonium polyphosphate Chemical Properties

AppearanceWhite powderWhite powder
pH (25℃ 10%Aqueous Solution )5.0-7.56.49
Solubility(25℃10%Aqueous Solution)≤0.5%0.37%
Viscosity(25℃10%Aqueous Solution)≤100m Pa.s70
AciditymgKOH/g≤0.05Column 3 Value 6
Grain Size10-16μ mConforms
Particle size (D50)6.0-15.0μ m10.93

Ammonium polyphosphate USE

1.Used as a flame retardant for flame retardant fibers, wood, plastics, fire retardant coatings, etc

2.Used as fertilizer

3.Used as an inorganic additive type flame retardant for the manufacture of flame retardant coatings, flame retardant plastics and flame retardant rubber products

4.Used as a tissue improver; emulsifier; stabilizer; chelating agent; yeast food; pickling aid; water binding agent

5.Used in cheese

Ammonium polyphosphate Packaging

200kg/Iron drum

Ammonium polyphosphate Storage

Stored in a cool dry and ventilated place out of sunlight

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